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A visit to Hong Kong is a never forgotten experience, it's also regarded as the starting point for any Asian adventure. Hong Kong is one of Asia's most exciting and vibrant destinations with glittering towering skyscrapers that dominate the impressive waterfront, yet somehow they never obscure the ancient oriental ways that colour everyday life in this magical city.

City Breaks: Hong Kong is an excellent choice for an Oriental city break adventure, or as part of a Far East multi-centre tour, or as a quick and convenient stop-over point on your flight itinerary. You'll find Hong Kong to be a noisy, exciting and brash metropolis, where skyscrapers rise above crowded shop-filled avenues & alleyways, that never seem to rest. This is Hong Kong, unique, exciting and always a pleasure to explore.

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Hong Kong City Breaks: Hong Kong is one of the world's great destinations, successfully combining 150 years of colonial influence with 5,000 years of Chinese tradition. Colorful and noisy festivals abound and great shopping opportunities are everywhere. HK is no longer merely a stopover point - but a destination in its own right.

Introduction: There's plenty to see & do in Hong Kong, so plan your time well, especially if you wish to experience the full atmosphere of the strong, highly visible Chinese traditions and cultures. Start by not forgetting that Hong Kong Island comprises only one third of this vibrant destination, just across the harbour is the Kowloon peninsula and beyond are the New Territories.

Attractions & Sights:
It's Day 1 and the first thing to do is hit the Peak. The Peak is a historic hilltop district and the highest point on Hong Kong Island, it's famous for the picture-postcard skyline views across both sides of Victoria Harbour. There are two ways to get to the top, you can hike up the Peak Trail or take the Tram. The historic Peak Tram offers a steady scenic ride up to the top with great views along the way.

Hong Kong Shops

Once at the top your greeted with a uniquely spectacular perspective of the city. At the Peak you'll also find shopping, dining, entertainment and hiking trails to explore. At the very top of The Peak at 396 meters high you'll find the very stylishly designed Peak Tower. Inside The Tower there's restaurants, shops and entertainment venues and a 360° viewing platform with spectacular views of the city.

If you've still got a head for heights next up is, The Hong Kong Observation Wheel. The Observation Wheel is a great way to view Victoria Harbour and the waterfront area, 42 gondolas take visitors for a leisurely ride up to 60m above sea level.

For a break from sightseeing visit the Hong Kong Disneyland Resort, a world-class family-friendly international theme park. Located on Lantau Island, the resort offers lots of magical family experiences and fantasy adventures, as well as great dining, classicDisney entertainment and shopping.

If you like the excitement of the track, head to Happy Valley Racecourse. Meets are held from September through June, with cheap entry and a great atmosphere.

The Temple Street Night Market should not be missed. The market is full of stalls selling everything from jade & antiques to clothes, watches and electronics. The atmosphere here is exciting with lots of open-air entertainment, including Cantonese opera performances, traditional chinese entertainers and music, plus plenty of authentic food stalls.

Shopping: Hong Kong offers legendary shopping experiences, from little side streets to sprawling markets and large luxury air-conditioned department stores, where you can buy the latest electronics, fashion, watches and jewelry. Top Tip: for luxury fashions - head to The International Finance Centre Mall and the adjacent Landmark Mall areas. (The IFC consists of two skyscrapers located on the waterfront of Hong Kong's Central District. They are a prominent landmark and include luxury shops, the IFC Mall and the 55-storey Four Seasons Hotel).

Visit bustling Nathan Road, a long stretch known as the 'Golden Mile', here you'll find plenty of restaurants and access to a wide mix of shopping options, from international designers to local crafts and everything in-between. The Ocean Centre on Kowloon side and Central Causeway Bay on the Island are also worth a visit.

Visit the open-air Stanley Market on HK Island for a bargain, you'll find an interesting array of smaller shops selling silk garments, local art, Chinese costume jewelry and souvenirs. The Temple Street night market is particularly recommended, here you'll find Everything from trinkets, jade & antiques to electronics and watches.

Climate: The Climate in Hong Kong is Sub tropical. Hot with high humidity from May until September, less rain from mid October till March and cooler from December till February.

Introduction: Hong Kong has a highly efficient public transport system comprising of: MTR (Mass Transit Railway), buses, taxi's, minibuses and tramways. Hong Kong claims to have one of the world's safest, most efficient and punctual public transport systems.

Transport ticket purchase includes multiple payment options, including: cash, Octopus card (rechargeable smart card) and e-Wallet. (MTR, Bus, Ferry and Tram all accept Octopus cards and cash). The most convenient method of paying for your journey is to buy the tourist Octopus card, the card can be topped-up when needed and allows cash-free travel on all major transport systems.

Public Transport:
The most efficient way to travel around the city is the Mass Transit Railway (MTR). The MTR covers all major districts in Hong Kong and comprises of three train systems, these are the subway (underground), overground and light rail. Please note: Smoking and drinking is not allowed in stations or on trains, this rule is strictly enforced with a penalty fine of up to HK$5,000.

Bus: Buses in Hong Kong are plentiful, fun and air-conditioned, with bus routes covering virtually all of Hong Kong. Most city buses are double decker's and offer great views of the city from the top deck. You can use the Octopus card to pay for bus fares, cash is also accepted – but you must have the correct change.

Tram: Trams operate the North Corridor of Hong Kong Island through Western District, Wan Chai, Happy Valley, Causeway Bay and North Point. The cities historic double-decker tram fleet has been in service since 1904 and continues to be an inexpensive and fun way to get around. Top Tip: take a tram ride just for fun! grab a window seat upstairs for the best view of the city and to enjoy the nostalgia of being transported on 100 year old vintage technology. You enter the tram at the back only and then pay the exact fare just before you exit at the front. Trams run every day from early morning through to midnight.

Ferry: The cross-harbour ferries are a fun way travel between Hong Kong Island and Kowloon. The old Star Ferry is a nostalgic and scenic way to cross the harbour, with spectacular city skyline views, fares are paid prior to boarding by cash or Octopus card.

Taxi: The taxis in Hong Kong are different colour's– red, green and blue with the colour identifying the geographical area in which the taxi operates. Red taxis operate most of Hong Kong except for some areas on Lantau Island. Fares are metered and detailed information about charges are clearly displayed inside each cab.

Hong Kong Harbour

Hong Kong Nightlife:
Hong Kong's nightlife is world-renowned and consists of three main nightlife hubs - Lan Kwai Fong, SoHo and Wan Chai.

Lan Kwai Fong is Hong Kong’s most popular nightlife area. Located in the Central Business District, it features a maze of historic cobblestone streets that form the heart of the city’s drinking and clubbing scene. You'll find narrow streets & alleys packed with plenty of restaurants, nightclubs & trendy bars. The area is popular with locals and tourists alike, and has a real mix of entertainment, from upmarket drinking spots & chic wine bars to colonial style pubs. Lan Kwai Fong's party atmosphere is often heightened during major festivals such as New Year, Halloween and Christmas.

Next its onto SoHo for a more cosmopolitan atmosphere, SoHo offers a more sophisticated night-out with first-class dining, expensive upmarket bars, high-end retail shopping and trendy art galleries. Hong Kong is regarded as one of the world's top culinary capitals, and SoHo provides some of the best dining in the city.

Lastly we have Wan Chai, nightlife here is much cheaper compared to the other two, the area has a colonial-style theme with plenty of pubs, bars and music venues as well as housing Hong Kong's red light district.

Hong Kong International Airport HKG. The airport is located at No.1 Sky Plaza Road, Lantau Island HK.

Hong Kong International Airport is also referred to as Check Lap Kok International Airport or just Chek Lap Kok. The airport is the primary hub for Cathay Pacific Airlines & HK Express.

Direct flights from UK to Hong Kong operate by Virgin Airlines & British Airways & Cathay Pacific Airways from London Heathrow airport.

Airport Transport and Shuttle Services:
The most convenient method af transport from Hong Kong airport to Hong Kong city is by Airport Express. Trains depart at approximately 15-30 minute intervals with a journey time of 24 minutes. Express trains operate daily from 05:54 to 00:48 HK time.

Bus & Taxi: Airbus services operate from the airport to Hong Kong, exact fares are payable by cash or Octopus Card when boarding. Taxis are available from near the left-hand ramp outside the Arrivals Hall. Approximate fare to Causeway Bay HK$285. Hong Kong taxis are colour-coded according to their operating areas. Red taxi's serve most of Hong Kong and city centre locations.



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