At any given time

there are 9,800 flights and 1.2 million people in the sky

You lose 8 ounces

of water from your body for every hour you fly

A Boeing 787

can fly over 7,000 miles on a full tank of fuel

Airline & Flight Ticket FAQ's

Please note! Not all Airlines and Charter Operators will operate as described below. Please contact your Airline or Charter Operator direct for further details.

There are basically two types of flights to choose from, Scheduled or Charter.

  • Schedule flights are when the airline or carrier sells seats on a flight to individuals via various sales channels around the world, until the aircraft is full. A scheduled airline or carrier offers flight services to fixed destinations on a regular basis, be it hourly, daily, weekly or monthly schedules. The schedule departure times and routings are usually fixed for a set period of time.
  • Charter flights are quite different from scheduled flight services. Charter flights are bought from the airline by a customer, company or package tour operator that charters or rents the entire aircraft for a very particular purpose, usually for vacation and package holiday purposes. A charter flight does not follow a schedule set by the airline or carrier, the customer or holiday tour operator sets the destination and schedule to meet their needs. Although charter flight seats are mostly occupied by package tour passengers, nowadays it is just as easily to book a seat only ticket deal on a charter flight, by buying the ticket directly from the tour operator.
  • In general both charter and schedule airline operators must meet the same safety standards and follow the same strict aviation regulations. The only noticeable difference between scheduled services and charter services is the personalised service, ticket prices and ticket flexibility plus the schedule frequency.

Charter airline tickets: Charter or holiday seat only tickets vary in price depending on the time of year, the day of the week, or even the time of departure. Usually there is only one price for a particular flight, except for last minute seat sales, this is because most seats on charter flights are sold on a use it or lose it basis. If you decide not to travel claims for a refund from the tour operator can be limited.

Scheduled airline tickets: Scheduled airlines offer a wider range of air fares depending on how flexible you wish the conditions and/or the validity of your ticket to be. Like holiday charter flights the fares vary according to the time of year or day of the week you wish to travel, but unlike charter flights there are usually many different fare types on any one service. The main advantage of scheduled services is the wide choice of routings, the flexibility and the range of fares available.

The most expensive fare is usually known as the full fare and is usually fully flexible. These fares allow you to change your reservation without any penalty or extra charge (except for a nominal administration fee). This ticket may also be endorsable which means you may be able to use the ticket on different airlines. The cheapest scheduled fares are often totally restricted. You might not be able to change the reservation even if you are prepared to pay and you will not get your money back if you cancel. Between the most expensive and the cheapest fares there will often be a great range of other fares to choose from. As a broad guide, the lower the fare, the less flexibility you will have in making changes. Quite often the cheaper scheduled fares require you to include at least one Saturday night within your flight itinerary.

Low Cost & Budget airline tickets: Ticket restrictions and conditions may vary from airline to airline, in general the more in advance you book the cheaper the airfare. For amendments and cancellation the airfare and ticket conditions for most low cost airlines tend to be the same, in that you may have heavy penalties if you amend or cancel your flight itinerary. Most flight tickets will be strictly non refundable, however some Low Cost carriers have recently introduce higher priced fares with flexible options regarding changes and refunds.

Please note! Not all Airlines and Charter Operator will operate as described above. Please contact the Airline or Charter Operator direct for further details.

For longer journeys there maybe several airlines to choose from and there can be big differences in airfares. Very often the cheapest deals will involve a number of stops or change of aircraft or both. When deciding between airlines remember that Direct does not necessarily mean Non-Stop. On a direct flight you should not have to change planes. But the plane may well stop to pick up fuel or other passengers, so the journey might be much longer than on a non-stop flight.

Sometimes you will be offered a route that requires a change of aircraft. This is called a connecting service. If you are offered a reservation on such a service check with the airline or travel agent that you have enough time to make the connection between flights.

If you have any needs for which you think an airline might have to make special arrangements, please discuss your requirements as soon as possible, direct with the airline or travel agent. You may find your choice of airline will be based on which airline can best meet your particular needs. Airlines sometimes charge for special services so check before you book. Below are just a few examples of Special Needs for which airlines will need to make arrangements:

  • If you are disabled and need help getting around the airport terminals, on and off the aircraft or moving around inside the cabin.
  • Oxygen and or special medical equipment needed during the flight must be advised to the airline well in advance of departure.
  • If you are buying a ticket for an unaccompanied minor (you will need to check the age limit with the airline concerned).
  • If you have special dietary needs you should advise the airline when making your reservation.
  • If you will be travelling with babies or very young children and you need a sky cot or baby bassinet.

If you are taking a series of flights ask your airline or travel agent about the allowances for each flight. Allowances between airlines can vary quite a lot with budget and low cost airlines having the greatest restrictions.

Sometimes you baggage allowance will be determined by weight or sometimes by the number and size of bags or it can be a combination of the two. Nowadays it's best to check the baggage restrictions and conditions direct with the airline before making your flight reservation.

Make sure your bags are strong and in good condition. For hold luggage, lock the bags and put a strong strap around them. When checking-in your baggage at the airport you should be given a receipt for each bag. The receipts are the sticky labels that the check-in staff usually attach to your boarding pass or passport. Keep these receipts safe as you may need them if your luggage goes missing and you need to make a claim.

Baggage security and check-in procedures can be complex and can change at short notice, check with your airline or travel agent for the latest information.

If you have any special dietary requirements ask before you book if the airline can provide the meal you want. Order your special meal request well in advance.

Some Airlines provide free soft drinks and some also provide free alcoholic drinks, but check before you book if it's likely to influence your choice of airline. Some airlines do not serve alcohol at all, usually for religious reasons.

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On many routes the price you pay will depend on when you want to travel. There can be big variations in prices for different seasons and smaller variations for travel on different days of the week. In general airlines offer their lowest fares on days and times of the day with the lowest demand.

If you can be flexible about your travel plans you could save quite a bit on your airfare. For the best deals on flights, hotels and car rental start searching using one of the many featured ticket suppliers listed below. Happy Searching!!!

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