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Qantas was the first

to introduce business class in 1979

Flying JFK to LHR

on Concorde took 2hrs 56mins

A Boeing 787 can fly

over 7,000 miles on a full tank of fuel

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Is an award-winning flight search and travel inspiration portal, partnering with major travel suppliers to provide some of the best flight ticket deals around.
Advanced technology enables searches on millions of discount flight ticket deals and reduced hotel prices to the worlds top holiday destinations.

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Plan your next trip with a leading European travel company providing amazing late travel offers and package holiday deals. Search and save on Hotels, Flights, Holidays and City Breaks.

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Opodo provides quick online booking for flights, hotels & car hire. They also have Opodo smart AirTools™ to help find the best priced flights based on budget, timings or airline preference. Opodo's flight searches include low cost & budget airlines, which allows for more choice and more flight combinations.

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Flight4 Travel Guides - inspire & inform

Compare Flight Prices is part of the Travel-Ticket Directory. provides holiday and travel guides to many of Europe's top holiday resorts and the world's most exciting capital cities. We also provide information on leading flight ticket suppliers, airline ticketing, airport transfers, local transport options plus answers to travel related FAQ's.

Flight4 provides a general review and services summary on major travel ticket suppliers. We also provide links to leading flight booking systems that find and display the latest travel ticket deals. Start searching now for cheap flight ticket prices, low-cost holiday charter flights and discount airfares.

Flight4 uses affiliate links, meaning that if you make a purchase through our links, we may earn an affiliate commission. Flight4 do not sell flight tickets or process payments for air travel reservations. If you have a question relating to an existing booking, please contact your travel agent, airline or flight ticket supplier.

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Most leading flight comparison websites offer optional advanced search tools that enhance and quicken the flight search process. Advanced search tools and filters can help identify and display the best ticket deals for your holiday or flight itinerary, saving both time and money. Flight search filters include:

  • Search by specific airline or flight departure time range, or select filters for cheap airfares and seat availability within a specific date range.
  • Most online searches display the cheapest airfares first, however you can request availability for direct flight services only, or by specific airline, you can also include stop off and change of aircraft options. Depending on the search services used you can widen your search to include Low Cost Budget Airlines and Holiday Charter flight availability.
  • Select a flight from the availability display and you will be linked directly to the airline, online travel agent or flight ticket supplier to complete your booking.

Flight4 was developed to help identify successful online travel ticket suppliers, travel agents and flight ticket consolidators. At Flight4 we promote airline sales and ticketing agents that incorporate powerful and complex search tools into their systems. Depending on the company used, these systems may provide greater choice and help travellers achieve more with their search.

Start your flight search now! See how much you can save by comparing airlines and cheap flight seat prices across multiple website's. Search and compare flight ticket availability from several major online travel agents and flight ticket consolidators, with airline and flight seat availability presented in a comprehensive overview for easy price comparison.

Flight4 believes that 'convenience' and 'value' are two important aspects to today's online traveller. Our travel partners have been carefully chosen and where indicated adhere to various operating guidelines and procedures, as directed by airline and travel industry associations, licensing and trading bodies, please see individual company websites for exact details.

Most major flight comparison websites now offer optional advanced search tools that can enhance and quicken the travel search process. For your convenience Flight4 have listed top performing online travel sites that we believe offer some of the best online travel services. The main features we look for in online travel sites include: comprehensive, powerful and easy to use search systems, real-time availability displays and value for money.

The Travel & Tourist Guides have been designed to inspire and inform. We provide comprehensive tourist & visitor information, plus useful travel tips for both city and holiday resort locations.

Click on a destination in the City & Resort Guide Index to find: sightseeing tips, local tours and excursions, places of interest, top attractions, airport transfers, public transport, local events, art galleries, museums, exhibitions, festivals, restaurants, nightlife and shopping tips.

Please Note! By its very nature some of the information on the Flight4 website including the city, resort and travel guide sections are subject to change at short notice.

It is your responsibility to verify (direct with relevant authorities) any travel guide information on which you are relying. Therefore, the information contained within the city, resort & travel guide sections must not be relied on to assist in making or refraining from making a decision, or to assist in deciding on a course of action.

Access to the information contained within the city, resort & travel guide sections is subject to the terms & conditions of is intended primarily to provide services to residents of the UK.

Your use of this site is subject to you agreeing to the terms & conditions in full. You can view our full terms & conditions by clicking here. If you do not agree to the full Terms, please cease use of this Website. do not sell travel tickets or travel services, including flight tickets, hotel reservations, car rental and package holidays. We do not act as an online travel agent or as a travel ticket supplier or booking agent. We do provide links to third party sites, these third party sites may offer flight search, booking and ticketing services. Flight4 uses affiliate links, meaning that if you use our links or make a purchase through our links, we may earn an affiliate commission.

Before confirming and paying for your flight tickets or any other travel service, Flight4 recommends you read and understand the following: The booking terms & conditions and important notices relating to your reservation, including (but not limited to) the ticket/booking cancellation and refund policy, the reservation and financial protection options, travel insurance, passport & visa requirements, plus any ticket or travel restrictions that may apply to your destination and to the stop-off points in your travel itinerary.

Please note: cannot be held responsible for the content of external third party websites and by using the advertised links stated to access these external third party websites, you acknowledge that in addition to the Privacy Policy and terms & conditions you will also be subject to the separate terms and conditions and privacy arrangements applying to the third party websites.

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